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Holland Consulting customers are speaking up on their success

Wes goes above and beyond for his customers. He is very very professional and is dedicated to helping you repair your credit. I’m glad that i signed up. I’ve definitely seen increase! 

- Tava Young

Wes is very professional and knowledgeable. He is able to explain credit concept where clients can easily implement his strategies and therefore tremendously increase their CREDIT.

- Tiara Hunt

Great intake. Honest people trying to help people budget, get out of debt, and make better choices. Staff and counselor were very supportive and understanding.

- Titonia Moore

I would most definitely recommend this company to other people, I was a little skeptical about trying out a credit repair service but I went ahead and give it a try and I am very pleased with the out comes and results.

- Maxx Saijai

I am absolutely satisfied with what The Credit Goat has done for me, I've come a long way from where I was, I didn't think I could do it. I wanna thank you guys abundantly for your aid in increasing my credit score, I'm smiling ear to ear, thank God and thank you Credit Goat. God bless your entire staff.

- Tawana Silvels

Wes and his Team is a true Blessing to me and my family! I reached out to him about his services. And from that first letter, I received with 10 items erased from my credit! I knew he was The True Goat! I’ll forever be Grateful. He’s very professional and will answer any questions you may have! Thanks Credit Goat.

- Jennifer Daniels

Helped my husband get his credit score up tremendously so we would be in a position to buy a home. The wonder Wes Holland is very informative about credit and had helped many other people. He even did a class for our couples ministry.

- Rachel Smith

Wes is professional and extremely knowledgeable. He is prompt to respond when you have questions or concerns. If you are serious about improving how you manage your finances and credit, Wes has proven to be the best person to educate and coach you on how to get the job done. The results will be astounding! I will continue to recommend him to my friends and family! I am a very satisfied customer!

- Lakedra Hogan-Pitner

Highly recommend! The Credit Goat helped us with raising our scores to buy our first house. Anyone needing help with their credit should definitely contact him!

- Lindsey Oden Walsh


2201 Dayton Blvd  Suite 101, Chattanooga TN 37415


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